Guidelines for Parents


  • Parents/Guardians are bound by the school rules in all respects. In all matters of dispute, the decision of the Principal is final
  • In accordance with the rules of the school, the parents/guardians are expected to allow and encourage their wards to participate in compulsory activities like tours, trekking, expeditions & camping etc. during their stay in the school
  • The parents/guardians will hold the school indemnified against all claims arising through illness, accident or any other cause
  • The parents/guardians will authorize the Principal and the staff to act as local parents of their wards while they are in the school or on tours, treks, expeditions & camps etc
  • The parents/guardians will authorize the Principal to take necessary action on their behalf in case of any emergency operation or any other such condition where their permission is needed but cannot be sought in time
  • The parents/ guardians will agree that in the event of their child/children being withdrawn during the term of the year, whatever the reason, the full fees laid down by the school for the whole year will be paid by them.
    • Note:No Claim for refund of Caution Money will be entertained , if the parent withdraws the child in the mid of session
  • The Principal is fully empowered to expel a student from school and hostel if in his opinion the student has failed to follow the discipline of the school and his continued presence is detrimental to the school and/or the student fails to come up to the academic standard of his class and when detention in the same class would make the student too big for his class
  • All parents will sign an agreement and a statement of undertaking with the school at the time when their son/ward joins the school
  • Communication : Official messages in relation to travelling , Fee and Tour & Treks etc are messaged to the parents from time to time. However it is difficult to ensure timely delivery of the same. The copies of school letters are available on the school web site. All parents/Guardian are advised to access the website from time to time to help them to have information well in time
  • Use the school diary as a means of communication with the class teacher and check the diary for home work and the teacher’s remark if any
  • Sign the text copies / papers as and when sent home
  • See that your wards has all the text books, items of stationary, craft materials etc. right in the beginning of the session
  • Please keep the school uniform clean. Tie, belt and shoes must be put on
  • Please send your wards to the school in time. Late comers will be punished. In case of absence from the school, an application duly signed by the guardian must be submitted to the class teacher
  • Parents are requested to make it a point to the “ Parent Meet” to make your ward’s future bright. Your attendance in the meet will encourage your child
  • All communications should be addressed to the principal. In all correspondence parents/guardians are requested to mention in their latter, the pupils name, class and section
  • Please do not send the child to school in case of an infectious disease, and a medical certificate should be furnished from a medical authority at the time of re-joining the school after illness
  • Adequate care is taken by the school for safety of the children in the school premises. But the school authorities shall not be held responsible for the eventualities which are beyond the control
  • As per CBSE guidelines, usage/bringing of electronic gadgets (e.g. Mobile etc) are strictly prohibited in the school campus. In case any student found with the gadget, strict disciplinary action will be taken. Note: The seized gadget will not be returned in any case
  • No parent/guardians is allowed to go into any class while the class is in progress or walk through the corridors, or go upstairs without specific permission from the principal
  • Pay the fees as per schedule
  • Intimate the school in case of change in address, telephone number
  • If any emergency arises, please don’t send the ward to the school, because students are not allowed to go home during the school hour

Latest News


Patna Doon Public School grabbed 2nd position in the 11th Edition of National Level Inter School CCCC Cryptic crossword Contest.


Inter House Rangoli competition was held at Patna Doon Public School. The 1st and 2nd position were bagged by Gandhi House and Jawahar House.


Inter House Volleyball competition was held at Patna Doon Public School. Ramanujan House emerged as the winner, and Gandhi house as the runner-up.


Amrit Sinha of grade VI B of Patna Doon Public School bagged 1st Position at the Inter School Painting Competition organized by Medanta Hospital on the eve of World’s Heart Day.


Mrs. Simpal Sinha (Principal) of Patna Doon Public School was honored Guru Samman 2023 organized by Prabhat Khabar for her contribution in the field of Education.


Mrs. Simpal Sinha (Principal) of Patna Doon Public School was honored Guru Siksha Samman 2023 by Sri Sameer Kumar Mahaseth ( Minister of Industries, Bihar) and Sri Alok Kumar Mehta( Minister of Revenue and Land Reforms, Bihar) for her contribution in the field of Education.