Guidelines for Students

The students are suggested to follow the guidelines mentioned below

  • Check yourself(Outfit,bag,books,diary & copies etc.) before you start for the school or for your residence
  • Be Punctual. Always come to school in time
    • Note : In case of late arrival always seek permission from the principal before entering the classroom
  • Students absent on the previous day must come to school with a leave application countersigned by the parent
  • Be courteous and behave with full humility. Avoid using derogatory words
  • You are always on CCTV surveillance. Be careful in your classes and in the campus
  • Your campus language is English. You are expected to converse only in English
  • Mobile usage by students in the campus is strictly prohibited. Anybody found with this gadget will be immediately suspended from the school
    • Note :The seized gadget will not be returned
  • Always try to keep your school neat and clean. Do not throw garbages in the campus or in your classroom. It should be disposed in dustbins only
  • Do not write or paste anything on the walls of the class room or corridors
  • Complaint of any type should be made strictly in the following hierarchy
    • Class Monitor -> Class Teacher -> Vice-Principal -> Principal Director
  • In the interest of smooth and regular progress, no guardians/parents will be allowed to communicate with their wards without the permission of the principal. Parents/guardians are also requested to avoid this practice of talking to their wards without permission.
  • All the students, must possess school dairy, text-book, books, stationary etc.
  • The school is not responding for goods lost. We discourage children from bringing any expensive articles or ornaments to the school
  • School bus users must strictly observe the rules of the school transport
  • Application for leave must be submitted a day advance. It should be counter-signed by the parents/guardian
  • Students must come in school uniform
  • They must be clean, neat and tity
  • Students should obey house captain or other students on duty
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school during working hours unless the parents/guardians whose signature are on the admission forms and the school dairy come in person
  • School identity cards must be with the students on all working day
  • Students should be regular in attendance
  • Any damage to the school property by the students will have to be borne by the student’s parents/guardians
  • Students are not allowed to talk on the telephone/mobile to anybody during the school hour

Latest News


Patna Doon Public School grabbed 2nd position in the 11th Edition of National Level Inter School CCCC Cryptic crossword Contest.


Inter House Rangoli competition was held at Patna Doon Public School. The 1st and 2nd position were bagged by Gandhi House and Jawahar House.


Inter House Volleyball competition was held at Patna Doon Public School. Ramanujan House emerged as the winner, and Gandhi house as the runner-up.


Amrit Sinha of grade VI B of Patna Doon Public School bagged 1st Position at the Inter School Painting Competition organized by Medanta Hospital on the eve of World’s Heart Day.


Mrs. Simpal Sinha (Principal) of Patna Doon Public School was honored Guru Samman 2023 organized by Prabhat Khabar for her contribution in the field of Education.


Mrs. Simpal Sinha (Principal) of Patna Doon Public School was honored Guru Siksha Samman 2023 by Sri Sameer Kumar Mahaseth ( Minister of Industries, Bihar) and Sri Alok Kumar Mehta( Minister of Revenue and Land Reforms, Bihar) for her contribution in the field of Education.