Guidelines for Students

The students are suggested to follow the guidelines mentioned below

  • Check yourself(Outfit,bag,books,diary & copies etc.) before you start for the school or for your residence
  • Be Punctual. Always come to school in time
    • Note : In case of late arrival always seek permission from the principal before entering the classroom
  • Students absent on the previous day must come to school with a leave application countersigned by the parent
  • Be courteous and behave with full humility. Avoid using derogatory words
  • You are always on CCTV surveillance. Be careful in your classes and in the campus
  • Your campus language is English. You are expected to converse only in English
  • Mobile usage by students in the campus is strictly prohibited. Anybody found with this gadget will be immediately suspended from the school
    • Note :The seized gadget will not be returned
  • Always try to keep your school neat and clean. Do not throw garbages in the campus or in your classroom. It should be disposed in dustbins only
  • Do not write or paste anything on the walls of the class room or corridors
  • Complaint of any type should be made strictly in the following hierarchy
    • Class Monitor -> Class Teacher -> Vice-Principal -> Principal Director
  • In the interest of smooth and regular progress, no guardians/parents will be allowed to communicate with their wards without the permission of the principal. Parents/guardians are also requested to avoid this practice of talking to their wards without permission.
  • All the students, must possess school dairy, text-book, books, stationary etc.
  • The school is not responding for goods lost. We discourage children from bringing any expensive articles or ornaments to the school
  • School bus users must strictly observe the rules of the school transport
  • Application for leave must be submitted a day advance. It should be counter-signed by the parents/guardian
  • Students must come in school uniform
  • They must be clean, neat and tity
  • Students should obey house captain or other students on duty
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school during working hours unless the parents/guardians whose signature are on the admission forms and the school dairy come in person
  • School identity cards must be with the students on all working day
  • Students should be regular in attendance
  • Any damage to the school property by the students will have to be borne by the student’s parents/guardians
  • Students are not allowed to talk on the telephone/mobile to anybody during the school hour

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